About Us

Bias-revealed news – brevnews.com – is your bipartisan online news source that aspires to be the world’s most reliable news source.  Brevnews has a bipartisan Board of Directors that seeks to establish a transparent editorial process where each news article identifies the biases of its editors.  It is a truism that everyone has a bias, and it has become almost universally-accepted that there is no “unbiased” news source.  Brevnews seeks to become the only news source that reveals the biases of its editors.

Brevnews also aspires towards brevity (brevis means ‘short’ in latin)—articles that cut to the heart of the news and report facts without extraneous commentary and unnecessary verbiage.  Editors with different biases (at least one with a conservative perspective and at least one with a liberal perspective) will collaborate to eliminate “spin” from articles published in the center Breaking News column.  For “spin,” you’ll look to the sides.  Commentary with a liberal perspective will be published in the left column, while commentary with a conservative perspective will be published in the right column.

Brevnews is currently building its team, and is always searching for talented contributors.  Please contact us at brevnews@gmail.com if you want to play a role in helping to develop the world’s most reliable news source.