Enraged Anti-Vaxxer Arrested for Vile FBI Threats in Wake of Trump Raid

On Friday, a Pennsylvania anti-vaxxer enraged over the FBI’s search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort allegedly vowed to murder as many federal agents as possible before they got him.“Come and get me you piece of shit feds,” he wrote on social media. “I am going to fucking slaughter you.”On Monday, 46-year-old Adam Bies found himself

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On Friday, a Pennsylvania anti-vaxxer enraged over the FBI’s search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort allegedly vowed to murder as many federal agents as possible before they got him.

“Come and get me you piece of shit feds,” he wrote on social media. “I am going to fucking slaughter you.”

On Monday, 46-year-old Adam Bies found himself in handcuffs, instead.

The self-described “UX design leader, marketing ace, adventure photographer, and storyteller” began posting violent threats “in the days following the FBI search of former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida on August 8, 2022,” according to a criminal complaint unsealed Monday in Pittsburgh federal court.

“Every single piece of shit who works for the FBI in any capacity, from the director down to the janitor who cleans their fucking toilets deserves to die,” Bies posted Aug. 10 on far-right social network Gab, under the screenname “BlankFocus,” the complaint states. “You’ve declared war on us and now it’s open season on YOU.”In another post that day, Bies allegedly wrote: “HEY FEDS. We the people cannot WAIT to water the trees of liberty with your blood. I’ll be waiting for you to kick down my door.”

On Aug. 11, the FBI National Threat Operations Section’s Social Media Exploitation Team received a tip from a nonprofit organization about BlankFocus. The group had become alarmed by a post that read, “I already know I’m going to die at the hands of these piece of shit child molesting law enforcement scumbags,” according to the complaint. “My only goal is to kill more of them before I drop. I will not spend one second of my life in their custody.”

Another warned, “I sincerely believe that if you work for the FBI, then you deserve to DIE.”

The FBI immediately subpoenaed Gab for the subscriber information associated with the account, which was linked to the email address “adam@adamkennethcampbell.com.” But a chat log that Gab provided to the FBI put aside any doubt this was an alias used by Bies, the complaint says.

“I use a fake name for my photography and Gab so that corporate Murica’ can’t google me out of a job,” Bies naively said in one conversation, according to the complaint.

In other postings, Bies compared U.S. federal agents to Nazi SS officers and members of the KGB, the complaint states. A few days before his arrest, the feds say Bies taunted Gab CEO Andrew Torba, tagging him in a post reading, “It’s perfectly OK for the government to constantly tell you that they intend to murder you, but when we decide we’ve had enough and tell them we are going to slaughter THEM, you get banned from Gab. @a [Andrew Torba] go ahead and ban me you fucking asshole,” adding, “@a just gave me an account warning today for saying that a bunch of child molesting f**gots at the FBI should be put down.”

In addition to the chat logs, Gab furnished investigators with the IP addresses used to sign into the account, which led agents directly to Bies’ front door in Mercer, Pennsylvania.Bies does not yet have a lawyer listed in court records and a call on Monday to a cellphone listed under his name went straight to voicemail. But, he left an extensive trail of digital breadcrumbs online, both under his own name and his nom de guerre, that provide some insight into his recent state of mind.

“I threw away my 25-year career in software and marketing after refusing the vaccine, in order to pursue a career as an internet troll funded by my own art,” Bies’ now-deleted Gab profile said, hawking prints of his photos. “Why spend $500-grand on a Hunter Biden crack pipe doodle when you can buy REAL ART for $20 and up?


The Daily Beast reviewed other posts by Bies, as BlankFocus, before his account was removed on Monday afternoon.

“I lost over 100 followers today because I think the FBI are a bunch of scumbag, child molesting faggots who deserve to be shot on sight,” one said. “Good riddance assholes. Go hang out where you belong, with the fucking Chamber of Commerce Mitch McConnell child molesting RINO scumbags instead. Hopefully YOUR kids will be on the menu next at whatever new hellhole has replaced Epstein Island.”

In another, he wrote, “I will never treat you scumbag democrats with respect, or be friends with you in any way for the rest of my life. I cannot wait to see all of you stupid pieces of shit drop dead from your vaccine side effects.”


A website under the name Adam Kenneth Campbell, which is linked to Bies’ Gab account and uses the alias the feds say Bies used, includes a long diatribe about what “Campbell” wants out of life.

“I’m not going to shoot your wedding,” it says. “If you made it this far into my story, do you think I’d be the right guy to have in the room while some angry Bridezilla is throwing a temper tantrum on her wedding day? I’m not interested in shooting events unless I am at the event on my own volition.”

He also rails against expat staffers in U.S. companies, claiming he’s seen “tons of American workers lose their jobs to foreigners.”

However, for all of Bies’ support of Trump following the Mar-a-Lago search, he wasn’t necessarily so enamored with him in the past.

“On the day after his impeachment, the leader of the free world took time away from grabbing women by the pussy, to interrupt Sesame Street and let the little kids know ‘It was all BULLSHIT!’” he wrote, pasting in a GIF of Trump and 2020 rival Hillary Clinton. “Believe me, people always say to me: ‘Adam, don’t go around sharing your political views or you’ll lose half of your customers.’ Half you say? Why not just get rid of all of my potential customers by saying if you truly supported either one of these ass-clowns, you’re part of the problem in our country. Out of 330 million people to choose from, these 2 retards are the best we could come up with?”


On one of his other sites, Bies says he has been “in the creative business for over 25 years,” listing various projects such as serving as the lead user experience designer for PNC Bank in 2019.

“The experience showed me that I do not thrive in large, beaurucratic [sic] organizations,” Bies wrote.

Bies’ arrest comes amid a vociferous campaign by the twice-impeached Trump to discredit the FBI in the wake of the bureau’s court-approved search for classified documents. Last week, an armed man upset about the raid attempted to breach the FBI’s Cincinnati Field Office before dying in a shootout with cops. The FBI is now seeing an “unprecedented” number of threats, according to CNN.

Federal prosecutors have asked for Bies to remain detained pending trial. He is charged with influencing, impeding or retaliating against federal law enforcement officers.

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